When you first walk into MITHRA, you know you have entered a special place. On the first day the students greet you with their beautiful smiles and by the last day their warm greetings have turned into hugs. Everyone is so welcoming and grateful for your presence.

When watching the children in their dormitories and at lunch, they are always helping each other and despite their circumstances they are always happy. In the classrooms the students are enthusiastic about their learning and are willing to share with you what they have learnt; especially nursery rhymes.

Watching the older students in the Vocational Training rooms was amazing. They are so talented and proud of their work.

At playtime the children’s laughter is contagious and it is a joyous end to the day.

The Occupational and Physiotherapy techniques were at first confronting, but are obviously beneficial. To see the students I thought were wheelchair bound do amazing things and meet some who now run but could not even walk before.

At first you see the things that the children cannot do, but over time you begin to focus on the wonderful things they can do..

We were lucky to see the development of the new girls’ dormitory and watch men lay a path in one day. It was also a wonderful experience to be taught dances by the students who competed in a dance competition. We were also able to give to the community through our cleaning of the dining hall and dishes at lunchtime.

The Sisters, teachers, workers and the students both young and old, are all incredible human beings. They are an inspiration to us all.

MITHRA is somewhere you have to experience for yourself, as no words can truly describe the miracle that goes on in the place, each and every day.

More photos from the St Rita’s visit to MITHRA can be found on the Friends of Mithra Facebook page here.

[Many thanks to Sarah Crellin for sharing this reflection. She was one of three teachers – with Liz Devine and Caroline George – from St Rita’s College, Brisbane, who accompanied 12 students to India in September, 2018.]

P.s. And at the end of the pilgrimage, Liz added this reflections:

“Many times this immersion was challenging and this is what made all the difference. For all of the tourist attractions we saw at the end, I hold closer and dearer to my heart the first week of unconditional love we witnessed at MITHRA as life changing.”

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