Kondama – Doing small things with great love

Recently with Mother Teresa being declared a Saint by the Church, we recall her many pearls of wisdom. To encourage us to perform daily acts of kindness, Mother Teresa reminded us: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

There is one person at Mithra who has been there for 39 years – from the very beginning. She doesn’t hold any senior position, have a title or sit in an office. Most of the time she goes by unnoticed by everyone. But her role is crucial to the comfort of the children and the cleanliness of Mithra. Kondama is responsible for taking every child who needs assistance to the toilet, and she cleans up after any child who accidentally soils himself/herself. She ensures that the toilets are always clean. Fellow staff members say that “Kondama is very sincere, very reliable, very kind and never complains”. Sr Mary Theodore once called her “a living saint.” She is one of the unsung heroes of Mithra. She has committed herself to the children. Kondama does small things with great love.

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