At last the new dormitory for the girls at Mithra is under construction.

It’s ironic that the very monsoonal rains, which caused so much heartache in Chennai when the torrential floods poured into Mithra in December 2015, failed to arrive in 2016. Chennai is currently struggling with a terrible drought. Drinking water is being trucked into Mithra daily. Life is tough. But the upside of the current weather is that it’s a good time to build.

Back in the mid-seventies, when Sr Mary Theodore was looking for land for her proposed venture, the government could only make available some low-lying flood prone land on the outskirts of Anna Nagar. The saga of purchasing this land is another story! Sr Mary Theodore knew it was a risk to locate here, but she was desperate to begin her venture to make life better for the children she knew she could help.

Over the years, heavy monsoons caused a lot of damage to Mithra, but staff and children learned to cope with the occasional mini floods. However December 2015 was different. For six days and nights the heavy rains engulfed Chennai. It’s been called “the 200-year flood”. Those present with the children watched the water levels rise and inundate the buildings, particularly the girls’ dormitories. If it wasn’t for the Saint Ignatius College (Adelaide) students and teachers volunteering at Mithra at the time, the Sisters alone at Mithra would have struggled to transfer the girls from their flooded dormitories to higher ground. After this flood, it became an urgent priority that, if at all possible, a new dormitory complex needed to be built on higher ground.

In typical Sr Mary Theodore’s style – some might call it blind faith – planning began and the call went out to the many Mithra well-wishers for financial support. The project could not be delayed, and although only a percentage of the total AUD$240,000 has been raised, the earthworks and footings have begun. The building will be constructed in stages, as much as available funds allow.

The call for help has gone out to Mithra’s many Australian friends. We are very conscious of so many demands for the charity dollar and we ask humbly that you consider sharing just a little of what you have with those who have so little. Every dollar makes a difference. All DONATIONS are gratefully received. And all donations to Friends of Mithra over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

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