Mithra self-isolates

On Sunday Indian Prime Minister Modi asked India’s 1.3 billion people to stay home and collectively cheer for front-line healthcare workers at 5pm local time.

Shortly before 5pm, the cacophony in capital New Delhi began as people on balconies and rooftops clapped, rang bells, banged on pots and pans, played music recordings and set off fireworks.

At Mithra they did the same and today the school has shut its doors but continues to maintain the care of many children who are still at Mithra. The only staff present are Sisters Brigit, Jacqueline and Siji and the cook in the kitchen. The daily care givers are also remaining, but are concerned for their health and safety.

Like many place around the world, Mithra is isolating itself within the confines of its boundaries. We keep them in out thoughts and prayers.

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