Buy a great new book for your kids and help the Mithra kids

Danielle Sellick’s new children’s book, “Kind to Me” (published by Balboa Press AU) teaches children the importance of being kind to themselves.

The book tells the story of Zac, a 7-year-old, who is learning to be kind to himself: body, heart and mind. Zac uses mindfulness and practises compassionate thoughts, helping him to develop healthy core beliefs about himself. These include “I am OK as I am”, “I can learn from this” and “I am connected to others.” “Self-compassion is a skill we need to teach our children from a young age to build their emotional resilience and to actually maximise their emotional health throughout their lives.

Sellick plans to donate 20% of profits raised from the book to Friends of Mithra. Mithra is a rehabilitation centre in Chennai, India, helping children and young adults with disabilities to thrive.



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