Friends of Mithra would like to update you on the situation in Mithra regarding the Covid pandemic that has spread rapidly in India.

This week we were informed that there were 18 positive cases detected within Mithra.  Two of the three Sisters are positive as are a number of carers and children.  This means the situation is very difficult as far as isolation and the care of those who are ill.

Friends of Mithra have been in daily contact with the Sisters and recently were able to send them N95 face masks through Amazon – 3 days from order to delivery at Mithra.  We were hoping to do the same with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but have been advised that the Government will make this available.

We have also been advised that the Government will monitor the situation and their isolation management. 

Friends of Mithra were hoping to purchase, again through Amazon, some smart TVs for them as both the children’s TV and the Sister’s TV are not working.  We thought this would benefit them as they isolate.  To date we have been told to wait for further advice. At the end of our last conversation with Sr Brigit at Mithra she finished by saying “We are praying for you in Australia”. Please now keep them in your thoughts and your prayers and Friends of Mithra will keep you updated.

If you would like to help, you can donate to MITHRA here.

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